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UroMaster  Adventure


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Introducing UroMaster® Adventure, our cutting-edge ultrasound prostate biopsy instrument designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort.


With precision engineering and advanced imaging technology, UroMaster® revolutionizes the prostate biopsy procedure, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions with confidence.


By combining real-time ultrasound imaging with targeted biopsy capabilities, UroMaster® offers unparalleled visualization of the prostate gland, allowing for precise tissue sampling while minimizing invasiveness.


Our innovative design prioritizes patient comfort, ensuring a seamless and efficient biopsy experience. With UroMaster® Adventure, accurate diagnoses can be achieved, leading to more effective treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • All-In-One Robotic system - Saving time and space

    • Uro-Matic® Ultrasound Workstation​

    • AccuBot™ Transperineal Robotic Assistance System

    • UroPro™ MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Software

  • Intuitive TRUS-MRI Fusion Process - Fast and easy 

    • Auto-Segmentation​

    • Auto-Registration

  • Adjustable Needle Insertion Angle - No Blind Spot

    • Tilt +/- 30°​ to avoid pubic bone




Scientific Resources


Urologic Oncology

A systematic review and meta-analysis of magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound guided fusion biopsy of prostate for cancer detection—Comparing transrectal with transperineal approaches


How to Biopsy: Transperineal Versus Transrectal, Saturation Versus Targeted, What’s the Evidence?


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